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A Case Study: High Powered Flood Lighting

Royal Electrical Services, Inc., (RESI) is a one-stop electrical and HVAC services company based in Pueblo, Colorado. Having been in business for 20 years, the company is a local favorite for a variety of contractor services, including LED lighting. In 2014, Royal chose to install security lighting at its workshop. James Vandiver, Royal's Estimator and in-house LED lighting specialist, selected Ember LED's high powered flood lights for the project.

James VandiverVShine FloodlightVandiver discovered Ember LED's vSHINE Flood™ lights when he installed them as a contractor for Blueknight Energy Partners. He liked the products because "they're sturdy and rugged, and the flat panel design produces a precise lighting pattern." Vandiver said that after almost a year, the flood lights at Blueknight were still performing "just like new". Therefore, when Royal needed flood lighting, he purchased the same model that he installed for Blueknight, since he wanted the same high quality, long lasting lighting for his workshop.

In addition to the fixture's durability and high quality performance, Vandiver chose LED lighting for the workshop because of its energy savings and reduced maintenance requirements. Vandiver explained, "we chose LED because of its energy savings and long lifetime." The vSHINE Flood™ lights will produce nearly the same amount and quality of light as they did at the time of installation, but for a fraction of the energy of traditional lighting. This makes them superior to their conventional counterparts, such as metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps, which require frequent lamp replacements and re-ballasting. Therefore, LEDs will cut costs for both energy and maintenance over time.

In April 2014, Vandiver installed the vSHINE™ high powered flood lights at Royal Electrical Services. The installation went smoothly, as he recalled, "it was very simple to install. It was just as easy as any other type of lighting."
Since its installation, Vandiver and the team at Royal Electrical Services have been very pleased with the vSHINE Flood™ light. Vandiver said, "It has performed very well. I really like the vSHINE Flood™ lighting. In fact, I use it wherever possible because I think they're some of the best flood lights out there."

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